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Fiberart Collection #1

Fiberart Collection #1

Posted by Diannes Collection on 1/16/2011
 Nominated for Feature by Justin on 1/16/2011
Pictorial Artfelt (1st in
regional Cdn show)"Dances With Moonbeams" This is the cover image of a children's book with illustrations done in pictorial felt. $350

Nuno Felt Cape with Hood in 50% Angora/50% fine wool layered with kid mohair and locks, kid mohair handspun crocheted edge and brushed finish on hood. $300.

Handspun, crocheted, white kid mohair "wedding ring shawl" $225.

My Specialty: Angora/wool felt Bowler Brim Hat with 100% angora brim. Hand harvested angora, handspun, crocheted felt. $125.

100% Angora handspun crocheted cloche hat. Hand Harvested Angora - will not shed. $100

Wool & Angora felt mitts topped with kid mohair & locks. $45.

Polar Bear Fiber Sculpture
"Northern Delight" $225. Wool & dog hair mounted on slate.

Pink Kid Mohair "Tessie Bear" "Stardust" Handspun crocheted breltwork (Brushed Felt) Wooden moveable joints, glass eyes, handcrafted tapestry jacket, antique rhinestone button stars in Hair. $250.

Dianne's Collection #1
" Dances with Moonbeams' "Stardust", "Northern Delight" and wonderfully warm natural fiber wearables
819 x 1013 px  (208 KB)
Northern Awakening  $300.
Wool & Doghair fiber sculpture mounted on slate
198 x 215 px  (9 KB)
"StarDust"  $250.
An original "Tessie Bear" (feminine response to a world of teddy bears! ) Handspun kid mohair, crocheted Breltwork (brushed felt) wooden joint's, glass eyes,. Tessie bears "hug you back!"
615 x 1024 px  (167 KB)
Tessie Bear Collection
$250 - $1000 Prize Winning Handspun Kid Mohair Breltwork Original Artist "Tessie Bears"
440 x 431 px  (41 KB)
Natural Fiber  Handspun Hat Collection
100% Angora, kid mohair, silk or fine wool Classic Tams & Cloche style $100 each
274 x 440 px  (22 KB)
"Pelican Pete"
Fiber sculpture in wool mounted on rock $225
794 x 627 px  (72 KB)
Prize winning KId Mohair/Angora Sweater $400.
Handspun, crocheted, (naturally colored) 100% kid mohair & 100% angora . Prize winning Sweater from a prize winning fleece.
295 x 248 px  (16 KB)
"Midsummer Morn"  $300
Framed pictorial fiber art
215 x 186 px  (11 KB)

Diannes Collection
I am a fiber artist (spinner and feltmaker) specializing in "process art"!I love to work with the whole process from breeding and raising my own fiber animals to have the finest of raw natural fibers, to create simple classic original designs that showcase these beautiful luxury fibers. I live in a very cold northern winter climate, and the wearables feature warmth & comfort for lifetime garments (in angora, kid mohair, fine wool and llama). I also use these fibers to create handcrafted original rugs, collectibles, pictorial feltscapes, and fiber sculpture. I focus on enhancing the tactile element in these art forms.

Dianne Fitzmaurice
Gimli Manitoba, Canada  R0C 1B0 Ca

  • Justin
    Justin: Very nice work Dianne!
    1/16/2011 2:58 PM

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