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Ellorias Boutique
Ellorias Boutique is the story of Jacqueline and Shannan, mother and daughter, designers, writer, life-long flower lovers. We are inspired by natural forms and influenced by cultural references from bygone and contemporary eras. We create experimental yet wearable collections of handcrafted one-of-a-kind and limited edition pieces, that reference the renaissance and art deco periods and bring a modern edge to vintage style. We’re both spurred on by colour, pattern and surface texture and use a combination of muted and bright palettes to converge and radiate our aesthetic desires.

Our unique dynamic keeps us motivated and allows our designs to flourish. Being mother and daughter enables us to be honest brutal at times and give open critiques of each other’s work. We’re not always on the same train of thought and can suffer communication breakdowns that lead to frustration but we always find a way to understand each other and we progress towards one vision. Shannan brings a young, contemporary view of the world along with a vivacious, impetuous dynamic which responds to my breadth of experience and maturity. We bounce off each other and keep each other focused, motivated and striving forward. Working together may have its trials but it works for us and our different skill sets allow us to combine a variety of ideas and techniques to create each piece and a label.

Each piece is personally designed and made to the highest quality in our Devon studio. We utilise beadwork, crochet and stitch techniques to construct intricately layered jewellery and accessories from an ephemeral range of materials. We imbue our creations with a history whilst it is being made and this is why we name each one. All of our collection is luxurious in texture and screams of modern refined opulence with a sophisticated, feminine edge. We exhibit our collections, sell online and work to commission.

Shannan and Jacqueline Inglis
Phone: 07792957590

Profile Link: http://www.TextileArtists.org/ElloriasBoutique

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